Friday, November 14, 2008

Followup re TooDo on Android

I was delighted this morning to find an email in my inbox from Edouard Mercier, the smart programmer who created TooDo, the powerful task management app for Android that I mentioned (and criticized) in yesterday's post. I was delighted to hear from him, because it's clear that he really wants to make TooDo better. I have offered a few more of my own personal suggestions for him to consider, and I may have the pleasure of speaking with him sometime soon. I want to say again, what Edouard has done in TooDo is, strictly from a programming and design perspective, very impressive. True, I think the app is too complicated, but it's very ambitious. I would really like to have a good to-do list program on Android that syncs with a good program online. I hope that Edouard's efforts will improve TooDo. It still won't be for everybody. Many people only need a very simple list tool. But for those of us who need something more powerful and more flexible, well, while I like Tag ToDo very much, I would love TooDo if it can just get a little quicker, a little more stable and a good bit easier to navigate.

Edouard also corrected a mistake that I made in the post. I said that TooDo automatically senses your context. Not so. There's a simple "Change Context" button in TooDo's menu that you can use whenever you want to few tasks for a different context - but it's manual, not automatic. I was also playing with Locale last night and I must have gotten TooDo and Locale confused as I was posting late at night. Locale will automatically sense that you've left home and turn on or off certain settings on the phone automatically. I am grateful to Edouard for the correction and for his continuing hard work on TooDo.

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