Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I went to the Firefox extensions page to add Crusty.com to my preferred search engines, and I ran across something wonderful: FireFTP - a full-featured FTP client that works inside Firefox.

As you probably know, I'm now working 90% or more of the time in Windows, and I don't miss much about the Mac. But one of the few things I do miss is Panic Software's outstanding FTP client, Transmit. I've been using Filezilla for the last six months. It's free and it works great, but it's, well, not pretty. SmartFTP is a bit better looking than Filezilla, but it's not free, and I find it confusing. Does not matter. I'm going to be giving FireFTP a try now as my primary FTP client and see how it works. It's not as beautiful as Transmit (see screenshot below), but it's close enough for my needs. Installation couldn't have been easier, setup was a snap, and my initial experiments worked great. So far I'm very impressed.

(Originally published on Typepad, 6/6/06)

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